Field of activity

As for the waste management in “Petrovic” d.o.o., the description of technological process and recording of process of waste generating is consisted of:

Reception of waste materials

Classification and preparation of waste materials

Recycling of waste materials

Temporary disposal of waste materials after recycling

The basic features of the technological process are related to the following: waste materials delivered to the complex are classified into related components, baled and/or stored in boxes until they are removed for further treatment. At the site / complex no chemical or metallurgical processing of metals (steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, paper, plastic) will be carried out, only sorting and storage, cutting and baling of these kinds of materials.

Once sorted, waste material is measured, stored in the appropriate space / boxes for its preparation. Storage of waste material arriving at the site is temporary.

Measurement of imported raw materials is carried out by wagon scales that are calibrated according to prescribed deadlines. Storage is organized in such way that waste could not be mixed. Each type of waste is neatly sorted and labeled in designated areas, inside the complex.

The “Petrovic” d.o.o. comapny will not store any hazardous waste. Only non-hazardous waste will be stored at designated location in order to be handed over to a third party for further treatment.

The categories and types of waste generated by the company are: iron and steel, iron alloys, non-ferrous metals, paper and cardboard, plastic, glass packaging, glass, electronic non-hazardous waste, waste vehicles and scrap tires, scrap wood and more.


Integral permit for collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste on the territory of the Republic of Serbia:

19-00-00098 / 2017-16, issued 20.02.2017.

Integral permit for storage and treatment of non-hazardous waste:

4-06-501-144 / 2015, issued 12.08.2015.

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