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About the company

Production, transport and service company “PETROVIC” d.o.o. is located in Majdan, Municipality of Gornji Milanovac. It is engaged in wholesale trading of waste raw materials. “PETROVIC” LLC is a family company. It was founded on 10th May, 2001. At the beginning, it was founded as a partnership company “PETROVIC AND OTHERS”.

We are especially proud that this company has grown from a partner company with modest capacities and lack of necessary mechanization, into the most serious partner in the field of secondary raw materials trade and waste throughout Serbia.

Today, the company “PETROVIC” from Majdan meets all the conditions for further development and advancement in the field of secondary raw material management. The development plan of this company encompasses many ambitions, which have largely come to fruition, but our desire to move forward is constantly present.

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